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Project Description
Built on MVC 2, Entity Framework, Zula's aim is to support Code Camp events - for developers and by developers. Zula is an open source code camp server. It is built using the a simple but powerful combination of latest available technologies.

About Zula

Zula was conceived as a feature-by-feature stand in, based on features I saw in existing ASP.NET code camp servers used in my region.
One of the project's aims is to develop a full featured MVC application using all available cutting - sometimes bleeding - edge technologies. Rather than write yet another framework, this project attempts to utilize available frameworks and components to achieve RAD development goals.
In this project you will find:
  • MVC 2
  • .NET 4
  • Entity Framework
  • Unit tests
  • Dynamic objects
  • Other innovations (such as auto-menu creation)
  • CSS ready HTML
  • Use of Agile principals


  • VS2010
  • .Net 4
  • MVC 2
  • SQL Server

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